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With over ten years of quality experience, 422 Agency, is a digital advertising agency focused on shifting the culture through design.

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A swift commodity of Multidisciplinary Designers, Web Developers, Videographers & Photographers.

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Effective communication made visual that provides meaningful results for a wide range of clients.


Realistic plans for meaningful change

We aim to build authentic relationships with our clients that will direct our approach to their specific needs. We believe that teamwork makes the dream work. With healthy contributions from clients, we can effectively and strategically meet goals that will be extremely beneficial to you - our end goal is to keep the client pleased and engaged throughout the process.


Effective communication with style

The way we communicate is important! We don’t just deliver nice looking content, we make sure that it communicates effectively. Whatever the project may be we make sure that the product communicates to its intended audience and that the client is pleased. Effective communication ends all doubts and clears up any confusion that may arise.


Authentic solutions that are beneficial

As avid problem solvers, we assist and craft brands that people relate to, depend on, and trust. We put no limitations on the content that we produce; backing our ideas with quality research and testing, we create ideal solutions that will be incredibly beneficial to the success of your company and its brand.


The ‘Information Advancement Age’

The ‘Information Advancement Age’, is a term coined by 422 Agency. We use innovation and technology to its maximum extent. Okay we all know that the Information Age has come and gone now that a large percentage of the human race is tech savvy. So we seek to deliver effective and modern content that fits all intended audiences.


Making History Stand Still

Photography is more than just “point and shoot.” We engage with each situation to recreate the moment. It is our obligation to capture the subject in its natural appearance. Good photography is worth much more than words, it's a timeless piece of history, and the right photographer is worth even more. Photography should speak for itself. It is our duty to exceed every expectation of every client.

LBJ Campaign

Lee Bradford Johnson Campaign

A public relations professional and politician who was recognized as one of Tallahassee’s top leaders.View Case Study

BodyWorks Massage Therapy

BodyWorks Massage Therapy

Massages that are designed to soothe the mind, body & soul.View Case Study



Engineering company that merges ideas with our concepts and brings them vividly to life.View Case Study

Dragon System

Dragon System Martial Arts

At The Dragon System, they train their way to perfection.View Case Study

J. Hart Music

An inspired, dynamic, and driven singer/songwriter and founder of J.Hart Music, an entertainment business.View Case Study


Jazards Restaurant App

An experimentation application to combine and implement the idea of healthy fast food delivery.View Case Study

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